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  • Q. Where can I see my dubbed videos?

    A: You can find your dubbed videos on your profile page under 'My Dubs' tab menu.

  • Q. Can I share and/or save my dubbed videos?

    A: You can share it with your family/friends by clicking a 'Share' button on a dubbed video screen. You may also share your profile page by sending your own profile URL. Your own profile page is automatically created when you signed up. Ex) 2dub.me/[YourNickname] We do not offer downloading your dubbed videos.

  • Q. Can I delete my dubbed video?

    A: No, but you can hide it by clicking 'Private' button on your Profile page. When you hide a video, no one can see or watch the video, but you.

  • Q. Can I use it with my earphones or headsets?

    A: Yes, you can use it but only if it has a microphone function.

  • Q. What is 'Together'?

    A: 'Together' creates a room for two users to complete a video. 1. Creating 'Together' room First, click Together button after unlocking an original video. Only record lines you want to dub and click 'Done'. You will then see the list of all the lines you recorded. Uncheck lines if you accidentally recorded and then click 'Yes' and upload. In preview screen, check once again before submitting it and click 'Done'. You can see the room in 'Together' screen and it will be available for others to join for the next 7 days. 2. Join 'Together' Anyone can join any On-going rooms in 'Together'. Click a room, and just record all the lines that are available. The room creator has already recorded lines and marked in grey. You may listen to the recorded lines. After recording all the lines, click 'Done' to preview your work.Click 'Done' again to complete the video. 3. Check your 'Together' You may find your Together video on your profile and also on 'Done' in Together.

  • Q. What is 'Buds' and how can I get it?

    A: Buds is used to unlock a video on 2DUB. You can get buds in many ways. 1. Earn buds (a) Sign up: +50 buds(b) 'Like' other user's work: +1 buds(c) Receive 'Like' on my work: +1 buds(d) Receive 'Like' on my comment: +3 buds(e) Charge buds with Talks 2. Use buds (a) In order to unlock a video, you need to use buds. Regardless of difficulty and kind of videos, you need 5 buds to unlock one video.

  • Q. Can I dub with different words?

    A: No, 2DUB will restrict those videos for other users to watch. Again, 2DUB is an application that helps your speaking skills in a fun way. So please record it with the language of the video.

  • Q. Can't see my Together room I created

    A: 2DUB is made for language speaking learners. So, if the video is dubbed with other than the original (i.e. bad languages and swearing), it may be deleted without any notice.

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