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  • What is a Single Mode?
    In Single mode you are dubbing all the lines of the video alone.
    You have to record all the lines to upload your dub.

    If you want to dub with other dubbies, join Together or make Together.

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    'Together' creates a room for two users to complete a video.

    1. Creating 'Together' room First, click Together button after unlocking an original video. Only record lines you want to dub and click 'Done'.
    You will then see the list of all the lines you recorded. Uncheck lines if you accidentally recorded and then click 'Yes' and upload.
    In preview screen, check once again before submitting it and click 'Done'. You can see the room in 'Together' screen and it will be available for others to join for the next 7 days.

    2. Join 'Together' Anyone can join any On-going rooms in 'Together'. Click a room, and just record all the lines that are available. The room creator has already recorded lines and marked in grey. You may listen to the recorded lines. After recording all the lines, click 'Done' to preview your work. Click 'Done' again to complete the video.

    3. Once completed, you can check your 'Together' in the Together room or you may find your Together video on your profile.
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    There are few cases that you may not have access to your own dub videos.

    1. When a Together room creator deleted his or her account.
    2. When admin blocks.

    If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact us via Contact us :)
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    First, select a video you want to dub. 
    On the bottom of the page you see Dub button on red - Click and you will see there are three options;

    1. Watch AD & Dub Free
    2. Join Together
    3. Upgrade Membership
    (Note: If you have a membership, you can dub anything you want in any mode (Single or Together) so you have different options.)
    Once you click Watch AD & Dub Free, you will see a 5-sec ~ 30-sec video ad. After watching the add you will automatically redirected to the dubbing screen where you see all the lines of the video in blocks. Record each line to upload it on 2DUB :)

    If you choose Join Together, you are joining a dubbing room someone else's created. You will see the list of Together rooms available to you and then choose the room you want to join. You can hear the lines that are already recorded by the room creator. Finish dubbing other lines that aren't recorded and then upload it.

    2DUB membership brings a number of benefits; just to mention a few, you can dub freely and you create Together room for other users to join.
    Find out more about 2DUB Membership in Membership page.
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